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Sorry on the lame siderail.  I will work on some graphics.


Well, first off, my name is Jeff and I love artwork, computer and guitar. I would like to dedicate this site to my family and my children. Luvím all!

Basicly, for the last maybe 10 years I have concentrated more on computer graphics.
The paint was starting to get to me and my wife (now ex) kept saying I was not making enough scratch! (Starving artist) :)
So here I go, if you have any questions, you can email me at
I will be trying to dress up the site and add more content over the next few days

Wooden Plaques on Oak.


Images of my first large airbrush muralVell, I finally decided to dust off the old Badger (That is an airbrush in case you did not know) and get back into painting.
You can get more information about me on the ďAbout MeĒ Page.
I am thinking about trying airbrush on canvas, but not sure where I want to start.  I have a really cool idea, and if it works, you will read about it here first.
I donít want to give anything away to early, but I think everyone will beCusomail Airbrushed Mailbox endeavor interested.
Well, have a look around.  Hope you like the site, I kinda rushed and did it in one night.  I will be adding more as I scan the images..

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